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Viinic Eyewear

SEED Monthly Color Lens UV (2 Lenses / Per box)

SEED Monthly Color Lens UV (2 Lenses / Per box)

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 “Seed Monthly Color Lens UV” is a cosmetic circle lenses with one-month replacement type that contains natural moisturizing ingredients  are formulated wth a UV protection coating that blocks 70% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays.

Lens Material: Polymacon

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.60mm

Diameter: 14.2mm

Centre Thickness: 0.08mm @ -3.00D (varies with power)

Power Range: ±0.00D

                         -1.00D ~ -6.00D  (0.25D step)

                         -6.50D ~ -10.00D  (0.50D step)

Volume Per Box: 2 lenses in one box


MDA Registration Number: GB776722051291

Registered Under Act 737


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